Our work is focused on normalising the databases, depending on the type of analysis to be performed: local, national or international scenario.


NextAI follows a specific path:


Analysis of the exposure level and of the vulnerability degree


Mapping of the risks and forecast of the consequences


Analysis of the post-event and of its social and economic impact

We provide for the data collection for the training of big events, rather than remarkable amounts of information from a single event.


NextAI processes thousands of items, elements, clinical data, as well as safety data and aggregates them into a multidimensional profile. Analysts, researchers, physicians, security operators can use these multidimensional profiles to find, analyse and compare information; the processing speed and the possibility of using predictive methodologies allows the decision maker to have a wide range of intervention strategies supported by a numberless quantity of statistical and analytical data.


Today’s society and governments, through their central and peripheral bodies, own huge amounts of data, but 90% of them are not structured and very few software are able to order them.

Next studies and develops applications able to understand these huge amounts of unstructured data and to quickly process them in order to extract information and scenarios, to extract the key events and to make them available to the decision makers.

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